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SouthShore Lacrosse Offensive Training Series


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Coach Pontrello was born and raised in Marlton where he began playing organized lacrosse at the age of eight. Coach Pontrello played his youth ball in Burlington County for the Black Storm lacrosse program went on to attend St. Augustine Prep School, helping his teams to two State Championship appearances and 3 NJ top 10 rankings. As a highly sought after midfielder coming out of high school, he earned a spot on the U.S. U19 Team, which won the world championship in the summer of 2012 in Finland. Steve continued his lacrosse career at the University of North Carolina, ending his career with a National Championship and All-American status. In 2016 Steve was selected as the #25 overall pick by the Florida Launch in the NLL Draft. 

Over the past 5 years Steve has coached at various instructional camps, as well as provided individual/small group offensive skill training. This past spring he served as an assistant coach and offensive coordinator at his alma mater, St. Augustine Prep. Coach Pontrello is currently the SouthShore lacrosse Director of Clinics and an assistant with the 2022 boys team. Coach Pontrello also serves as the head coach for the Black Storm 2023 team.


Who: Intermediate to Advanced Boys Grades 5-8 (Attack & Midfield)


  • Saturday, September 30 - Complete
  • Saturday, October 21
  • Saturday, October 28
  • Saturday, November 4


  • Session 1 (Grades 5 & 6) 2:00PM - 3:30PM 
  • Session 2 (Grades 7 & 8) 3:45PM - 5:15PM

Location: St. Augustine Preparatory School

Cost: $140 (4 sessions)

Max Enrollment: 20 Attack/Mid per session

What to Bring: Full Equipment, Cleats, Players will recieve a SouthShore Lacrosse practice pinney.

Weekly Schedule

Week 1 | 9.30


Partner Stickwork One Cradle Passes, Quick Stick, Cross Hand, Carch & Switch, GB's into Pass


Time and Room Hand & Feet Placement, Catching it Deep, Sheffle or Cross, Overhand

Hitches Catching it Deep, Footwork, Acceleration, Release Speed


Midfield Pre-Dodge Stick Placement, Attack Mindset, Studying the Defender, Processing the Initial Contact,

Attack Pre-Dodge Stick Placement, Stick Protection Scenarios, Vision, Decisions at GLE

Game Reps

Midfield & Attack Mid Sweeps & Feeds, Att Dodge & Feed Cutter/Step down, Mid Dodge Pickdown, Attck Dodge Uptown Picks

Week 2 | 10.21


Partner Stickwork One Cradle Passes, Quick Stick, Cross Hand, Carch & Switch, GB's into Pass


Attack Fakes & Finishing in Front Footwork

Midfield Alleys & Sweeps

IQ Enhancement

Attack Rollbacks > Pass & GB Rollbacks > Push & Finish Stepaways

Midfield Rollbacks > Pass & GB Stepaways > Pass & GB Rollbacks > Drift > Time & Room

Group Reps

Midfield & Attack Passdown/Pickdown > Time and Room / On Run Passup/Pick > Time and Room / On Run Att Dodges to Backside Midfield Feed Midfield Dodges to Cutting Attackmen

Week 3 | 10.28


Partner Stickwork RH Passing, RH Quick Stick, RH Face Dodge, RH GB

LH Passing, LH Quick Stick, LH Face Didge, LH GB


Soft Toss Outside/Inside (2 rep out), On the Run/GB Flick

Crease Play C-Curls, Pops & Fades, Quick Release, GB Mix


Attack Ladder Series

Midfield Ladder Series

Group Reps

Midfield & Attack Review Pick Play Dodge to GLE Pick Upfield Slips Dodge to Time and Room Dodge, Pass to Cut

Week 4 | 11.4


Partner Stickwork Step Throw, Catch/Switch, Catch/Roll, Carch/Face


Series 1 X Shape, Square Box Shuffle, Exchange, Pop To Time and Room

Series 2 Extension Shooting, Hitches, Quick Release off GB, GB Alley Sweep

IQ Skills

Attack Cone Series @ X | Speed Roll to Step Away and Redodge, Split Roll, Hesitation Rocker

Midfield Wing Dodging | speed/split, split roll, topside or underneath to stepaway & redodge

Group Reps

Midfield & Attack Review Pick Play Attack dodge & Midfield Dodge to Time and Room Dodge, Pass to Cut