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Don Demato |  HS TEAMs COACH 

Hometown: Astoria, NY / Resides: Medford, NJ

With SouthShore since 2017

With SouthShore since 2017

Coach Demato has coached youth lacrosse for 20 years and had had the pleasure of seeing numerous boys come through his program and play high school lacrosse, D1, D2, and D3 college lacrosse. Some even reaching the pinnacle of National Champions!

He emphasizes hard work, team play, and respect for the game. At the youth level he continues to challenge his teams and find a schedule that will push their lacrosse skills. He believes this youth experience will be the script for what comes in high school and college so he makes certain they learn the game properly, work on their skills, and continually get strive to be a better teammate.

He is a father of 4 as him and his wife Jeanne reside in Medford NJ.

All 4 children played lacrosse with his two older sons Jason and Patrick both playing at St. Augustine Prep and daughter at Shawnee along with 4 years playing D1 lacrosse at Temple University. His youngest son Ryan has played youth lacrosse since 6 years old and recently played in the World Series of Lacrosse in Denver, Co.